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I’ll Be Seeing You

Posted by sphyrez on July 10, 2007

The music was written by Sammy Fain, the lyrics by Irving Kahal. The song was published in 1938.
I'll be seeing you in all the old familiar places
That this heart of mine embraces all day through
In that small cafΓ©, the park across the way
The children's carousel, the chestnut trees, the wishing well
I'll be seeing you in every lovely summer's day
In everything that's light and gay
I'll always think of you that way
I'll find you in the morning' sun
And when the night is new
I'll be looking at the moon
But I'll be seeing you
I'll find you in the morning sun
And when the night is new
I'll be looking at the moon
But I'll be seeing you


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Mega Review…as always according to MY discretion

Posted by sphyrez on June 27, 2007

So ladies and gents, there you have 2 of the biggest blockbusters of this year. Well some may say that these 2 are the most anticipated blockbusters but kinda “suck” for the actual movie. Honestly, the review from those critics you find on the web say it is bad/good. Amongst my friends, we had a mixture of reviews. Lets get it going…

Rating – 6/10

Plot review: I think it is good. With the development of his character for a “part 3 of a trilogy” it IS GOOD!!…Toby Macguire gave a good performance as your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman. The best part was when he gave in to the symbiont which led him to aggression. That was the funniest part of the whole trilogy, better than when he gave up on becoming Spidey in Spiderman 2. But one thing which I dislike was the introduction of too many new characters. Well it is good that they brought up Venom, Sandman but Gwen Stacy?! What has she gotta do with the plot!? Well besides giving Toby the exact same kiss he had with Kristen in the 1st movie, Gwen had nothing. The ending was pretty ok, but I’d prefer Venom not dying…. If you think that the little symbiont at the professor’s lab is enough to regenerate to a new Venom, you’ve guessed wrong. To see Eddie Brook die is just such a pity. But oh well the real ending is kinda lame with Peter trying to mend his relation with MJ. Expect Spidey 4?…Maybe.

Rating: 7/10

Plot: What else can I say?…Love it to the bits. A fitting finale to the trilogy. BUT damn they took away the Kraken. I really miss the “big guy”. What I liked the most about this 3rd movie is, it is full of twist, betrayal and lies. The whole movie kept you guessing till the very end. From the beginning, the whole crew went to Singapore to retrieve the map that would lead them to Jack. The conversation between Sao Feng and Mr. Turner was a guessing point. Then midway when Jack was on board with Lord Beckett, his actions prompt you thinking “What are his intentions!?” Just before the climatic battle, Eli exchanged Jack for Turner and THAT was a well written plot. Lies and betrayal. Then when it came down to who will pierce the heart of Davy Jones, those moments seemed forever. Is it gonna be Jack? Turner? Eli?… And there you have it, those that have seen the movie knows who pierced the heart. Well if you read any other reviews, you’d know it too. There goes the review…..

Wait!….Does anyone who went to the cinema knows that this movie contained post-credits scene? I didn’t and I missed that scene. Now I would have to wait for the DVD. Sigh.

I started these 2 reviews weeks ago but never got to finish it. So I’ve decided to add a few more movie reviews.


These few movies were unexpected guest for my entry. I watched Shrek before I went back to PG last week. Then while I was back in PG, I managed to catch Ocean’s 13 and F4:Rise of Silver Surfer.

Rating : 4/10

Plot: Well since this trilogy is gonna have (yeah you heard me) MORE SEQUELS…I’ll just let it be. It’s too boring to comment on this although it was a good laugh. If you want ready it on wiki.

For Ocean’s 13 and F4:Rise of the Silver Surfer, I guess it is another time…(cause I haven’t been posting frequently and the last one was ‘who knows when’)

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Glory Glory Glory !!!

Posted by sphyrez on May 1, 2007

Tonite I’m a Liverpool fan. I’m totally in love with Liverpool. “You’ll never walk alone” as long as I am around πŸ˜›

Well the fact is I never liked Chelsea, I totally despise Chelsea. Therefore I shall support Liverpool. Tonite’s match is gonna be huge! With Sheva, Ballack and Carvalho out, Chelsea will be lacking some serious first team members. I really hope Liverpool is up for it.

Tonite will also try my luck with Spiderman 3 at KLCC. Yesterday when I went there to have a check if there were any tickets available, I couldn’t even see the counters. There were so many people there! I guess all were queuing for Spiderman 3 first show at 12am. Today I’ll try the 7.45pm show, if I can’t get that I’ll probably try some other movies. I know I know today is a public holiday due to Labour’s Day but it doesn’t stop me from trying πŸ™‚

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Posted by sphyrez on April 19, 2007

Still very busy this month

Hope next month would be full of reviews cause next month is full of wat ?….. M O V I E S !!!!

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Pathetic April Fool

Posted by sphyrez on April 4, 2007

Direct quote from Wikipedia:

The origin of this custom has been very much disputed. Many theories have been suggested. What seems certain is that it is in some way or other a relic of those once universal festivities held at the vernal equinox, which, beginning on old New Year’s Day, the 25th of March, ended on the 2nd of April.

Chaucer’s story, the Nun’s Priest’s Tale, written c.1400, takes place “thritty dayes and two” from the beginning of March, that is, 1 April; it is Chanticleer and the Fox, a story of two fools. Though the 1st of April appears to have been anciently observed in Great Britain as a general festival, it was apparently not until the beginning of the 18th century that the making of April-fools was a common custom. In Scotland the custom was known as “hunting the gowk,” i.e. the cuckoo, and April-fools were “April-gowks,” the cuckoo being there, as it is in many countries, a term of contempt.

It has been suggested that Europe derived its April-fooling from the French. French and Dutch references from 1508 and 1539 respectively describe April Fools’ Day jokes and the custom of making them on the first of April. France was one of the first nations to make January 1 officially New Year’s Day (which was already celebrated by many), by decree of Charles IX. This was in 1564, even before the 1582 adoption of the Gregorian calendar (See Julian start of the year). Thus the New Year’s gifts and visits of felicitation which had been the feature of the 1st of April became associated with the first day of January, and those who disliked or did not hear about the change were fair game for those wits who amused themselves by sending mock presents and paying calls of pretended ceremony on the 1st of April. In France the person fooled is known as poisson d’avril. This has been explained as arising from the fact that in April the sun quits the zodiacal sign of the fish. The French traditionally celebrated this holiday by placing dead fish on the backs of friends. Today the fish has been replaced with paper cut-out.

The Dutch celebrate the 1st of April for other reasons. In 1572, the Netherlands were ruled by Spain’s King Philip II. Roaming the region were Dutch rebels who called themselves Geuzen, after the French “gueux”, meaning beggars. On 1 April 1572, the Geuzen seized the small coastal town of Den Briel. This event was also the start of the general civil rising against the Spanish in other cities in the Netherlands. The Duke of Alba, commander of the Spanish army could not prevent the uprising. Bril is the Dutch word for glasses, so on 1 April, 1572, “Alba lost his glasses”. Dutch people find this joke so hilarious they still commemorate the first of April.


Ok so you guys have it. The story behind the story. So April Fool(s) is actually no big deal. But to me, this year was kinda big. My company was working on some system migration on that day itself. We started out on 31st March till the next day, yeah, I stayed up all night long. I came in at around 3.30pm. We did testing and testing and testing….it all went well. πŸ™‚

Well not as well that we all hoped for.

So 7.00am came and we still were doing testing. Me and my boss went to buy “kopi peng SUPER kau” aka “SUPER concentrated iced coffee” for the whole of my dept. Buahahaha!!!! As of a short breakfast, we continued with the work. I only had a nap of 1 hour.

During the morning hours, we started rolling out the software to the whole store’s counters. It was alright…till we started out testing at the counters. HECK!!!! Why are the items not popping out!?!?! Then the emergency broke out. The data migration stated having hiccups and the whole migration was a fallback. Sigh. SO we went for out backup plan and everything was normal again. Pretty cool for an April Fool(s) Day huh?

Finally we started to do some discussion for the next several days to come. We started debugging the whole process…we started we started…SIGH. In the end we decided to leave it for another day and started heading home. I clocked out at 3.30pm, well thats 24 hours for me.

That day, I came home took my shower and ate my dinner and went to sleep just before 9pm; woke up at 2am, played FM2007 for 2 hours, slept again and finally woke up at 11.30am. The rest of the day I just lingered around the house till I started work the following day which is 3rd April. Some of my other colleagues had this on MSN


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Still Alive

Posted by sphyrez on March 17, 2007

Just a short one…

I couldn’t find the time to write a long one or any movie review…Super busy with work this month. Next month would be my release from *hell* Will review Lady Iron Chef soon. Take care.

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Ghost Rider……The Review

Posted by sphyrez on February 16, 2007

Rating 6/10

Why? Because it is pretty straight forward and I didnt think bout it much after the movie. I usually do that when the movie captivates me.

But the movie really brings the story out to you. Besides…you can really look at leng chai at the beginning of the movie. Nicholas Cage is a good cast for The Ghost Rider a.k.a Penunggang Motosikal Hantu πŸ˜‰ The plot really is the basic of the basic. So we can now expect a sequel soon πŸ™‚ As all superheroes gerne movies nowadays, they all start with their becoming the legendary “something something” from young. You know la…something something happen so then hor they become what they are as depicted in the title of the film. There is no exception for Ghost Rider. And as you would know, a DID is also expected in Marvel movies.

DID => Damsel In Distress

Eva Mendes played the role perfectly as in a DID. However I tend to think that she overwear her clothing most time in the film. Her ()() is kinda obviously big from the way she wore that piece of clothing….Okay I tend to “see more” of a person πŸ˜‰ Pls dont think I’m something something. Hmm, come to think bout it, she wore only 3 pieces of clothing for her adulthood in the film. I dont think I would deny the fact that sex appeal for the audience is required, would you?

The effects were good. As you know Ghost Rider comes with a burning skull, the fire effect is good looking. In fact it looks like your kitchen stove lit with a huge fire!…well maybe I’m giving a wrong description πŸ˜› I also like the way he says “You’re guilty!” and “Look into my eyes…!”….and most of all “Nice jacket…’ You’ll get me when you see the movie.Β  The battle scenes look pathetic. You might as well just count 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 VuaLa! the Ghost Rider wins the match. However if you add too much 2 hours wont cover all…am I expecting a lot? You decided!

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CNY CNY CNY CNY is here!!!!!!….GASP Valentine as well!!!!!!

Posted by sphyrez on February 13, 2007

You know why? Cause I have not celebrated CNY for 5 years….YES!!!! Well as in you don’t get to have all those red packets. I miss every single one of it. Not to mention…the gambling playing kekekekeke. Actually not exactly ler, gambling playing with fake poe in the spirit of CNY only, PERIOD!

Unfortunately, this means no time for movies these few weeks. I was thinking of seeing Ghost Rider for the premiere but I won’t have time till end of the month. I hope the review is good and I myself shall be reviewing it too. I heard TMNT will be out soon.

TMNT = Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


TMNT will be a computer-animated feature film and will be due for a March 23 2007 release. Looks cool eh? I totally miss out on this one. TNMT was a fav. of mine when I was small. I even saw an old movie which I think is TNMT 3 (1993) involving about travelling back to Japan in time…I kinda forget di.

Sigh….Valentine’s Day. Nothing to say bout the day. Cya πŸ˜›

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Getting Sick @ Work

Posted by sphyrez on January 24, 2007

Getting sick is the M O S T irritating thing you can possibly get. Moreover you still need to get to work everyday!!

Well it all started last Saturday when there was a heavy downpour in KL. I left my company and started heading home for dinner. My tiny umbrella couldn’t cover me and I got myself kinda wet. At least my pants and my shoes are drenched. Then on Sunday I started feeling a little dry at my throat. But I was thinking it might be the air-con in my room. On Monday, my throat was so dry I started a little coughing + a little sorethroat.

“FINE”, I said.

I can still handle it. But then Monday night, my body temp began to rise and I suspect a fever might be coming. I quickly took 2 panadol tablets and went to sleep. Luckily I woke up the next day feeling better BUT it has given me stuffy nose. 😦 And for the rest of the day, I have stuff nose which is ALSO SO irritating. Then comes today; still stuffy nose but the cough has subsided.

Yar!! Friday till Sunday is my rest day and I am heading back to Pg. I shall take a good rest and rejuvanate my body πŸ˜‰ Cause next week I shall be heading to Redbox and an “open house” from da “Big Bro” of my dept. Then comes my movies which is so close I can feel it!!!!….

T H I S I S C O M I N G Y O U R W A Y ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Review of “The Guardian”

Posted by sphyrez on January 17, 2007

Ok…well this movie was actually unplanned for. My colleagues and I wanted to watch A night at the museum, but we could only buy 2nd row tickets which is kinda too near the screen. Therefore we changed movie and The Guardian looks exciting .

The movie started out a little slow, showing the life of Kevin Costner character as a Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer.Β  Then the show went to master/apprentice mode when Ashton Kutcher came in. There were some pretty good jokes and nothing more. The training school part took up most of the movie and thus not much action besides the little beginning and the unexpected ending. Recommended only for Kevin Costner fans. I’d rate this movie 4.5/10

If you want to relax and have a good laugh, I’d recommend something else which is A Night at the Museum, W H I C HΒ Β  IΒ  D O N TΒ  G E TΒ  TOΒ  W A T C H !!!!!!!!! Most of the ppl who watched this movie just cant stop laughing!…I wanna laugh too πŸ˜›

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