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Roses On Valentine’s Day

Posted by sphyrez on February 10, 2006

Aha!…(Goes into a flower boutique…Looks around)…what color should I choose? Hmm…she is more of a friend…is she a lover to me?…darn…wat should I choose? Er LADY!! HELP!!…wat color should I choose?

WELL…if you have trouble choosing the right color of roses to buy, check this out. The colors are quite alright…well I aint an expert. I know what color I should buy if I were to go out with a girl who is not my girlfriend 😉 Too bad she has been booked before-hand…I will now sit in front of my computer that day and just watch a freaking movie… 😦

Roses are always so darn expensive during these vdays. Flower dealers tend to take this opportunities to up the prices and make a hell loads. AND to top that, girls don’t have to pay a single penny for them. Girls enjoy the flowers, presents, dinner…well maybe even movies!…Not to say that guys don’t recieve his portion of presents from the girlfriend, but mostly the guys would be paying more than the girls.

If the guys don’t buy flowers, then girls would think the guys are not romantic. Such work need to be done by guys…sigh


2 Responses to “Roses On Valentine’s Day”

  1. chengsim said

    hrm. i only know yellow means friendship.
    i think if u wanna giv a friend a rose for valentines day, change ur mind and give some other flowers instead. she might thought ur hinting on her.
    then again, ur not the only one alone this Vday.
    if u noticed, most bloggers here won’t be celebrating Vday with their significant other.

  2. She's Jess said

    Er… I don’t think it is a wise to get flowers, bears and chocolates on V day. I mean.. the price is like.. a bomb. You guys don’t show love to the girls by giving all these only that day right?

    And yea, the mentality of some girls.. I know i know.

    Anyway, Happy advanced Valentine’s Day

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