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Learning & Talking & Writing English

Posted by sphyrez on March 17, 2006

After my first post, I’ve taken awhile to write my second post due to my exams at the end of January. Before anything else, a warm greeting Happy Chinese New Year to all my friends in Malaysia. Hope you guys get many many red packets. It’s quite lonely around here as Portsmouth does not have celebrations like the ones in Chinatown London. I managed to squeeze in a celebration meal with my flatmate and even went to see a movie. But thats all for this year celebration to me.

Sigh, it has taken me so long to post…in fact it is exactly 1 month from my last post! To carry on with the blogging ‘job’, here is another dose of ‘Goodwill Discussion’.

As many of us know, English is probably universally used. English is now the fourth, third (or possibly even second, depending on the source) most widely spoken native language worldwide (after Chinese, Hindi and Spanish), with some 380 million speakers. Through the global influence of native English speakers in cinema, airlines, broadcasting, science, and the Internet in recent decades, English is now the most widely learned second language in the world, although other languages such as French and Spanish also retain much importance worldwide.*Wikipedia*

It is important to use English when dealing with job prospects/interviews/blah blah blah; come on, you get promotions faster if you know English. We are taught from young and we use English almost our entire journey through life! Ya…English is so easy everyone also can spell laa E-N-G-R-I-S-H ma…er is that right?

Learning, talking and writing English is totally different from what it seem to be. After leaving high school, we go to a working world where English is our most commonly used language. But within the interactions of colleagues and friends, we would go back to our roots…Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Malay and Tamil. (other languages included but I don’t know what they are)…so when are we gonna practise our English?

My mum once told me she went shopping and spoke to the sales girl in english, but she replied with hokkien. The sales girl tried to speak in english but was ‘broken’ english.

-B.Melayu saya masih betul- (My Malay is still correct)
-Wa mai kong hokkien eh bo?- (Can I not speak Hokkien?)
-Moon ng moon ar?- (Is it boring?)
Or we can have mixture of… –I tak nak you makan chicken ok?- (I don’t want you to eat chicken)

Why must we speak half/half sentences?? SIGH. I am not saying we must have excellent english (even I don’t speak perfect english), but at least to conversational level. When foreigners come to our country and buy souvenirs

Foreigner: How much is this? (points to a dress)

Salesgirl: Huh? Ar, this wan RM25…

Foreigner: Do you have any new ones in stock?

Salesgirl: No more, this wan last wan…

…………wan wan WAN…………WAN TAN MEE AR !?!?


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