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Aftermath of Christmas

Posted by sphyrez on December 26, 2006

So how was everyone’s Christmas?…Good? For me, I didn’t relly get to celebrate as I was on the road back to KL. Christmas Eve was bout the same. I was supposed to have dinner with my old school mates but one of them mixed up the date and it was supposed to be Christmas day itself. Thus I was not able to attend the dinner. Psh….

Anyway returning to work is always hard after a holiday break. Being back in Pg is always good as I can buy a stream of “supplies”. This break I bought 3 movies and a game. One of my fav. games all-time; Heroes of Might & Magic V expansion.

And the movies were Rob-B-Hood, Miami Vice and Da Vinci Code. DVC was for my mum. I had to see Miami Vice as the cars were slick and the actors were hot. I should have watched it in the cinema as I thought it would be better with the surround sound system. Sigh, but in the end I am content with the dvd I have. A preview of what is coming your way next year.

1. Ghost Rider (fuah…don’t need to say…I’m a fan)    target release: 15 Febraury 2007

2. Spider-Man 3 (fuah…don’t need to say…I’m a fan)    target release: 4 May 2007

3. Shrek the Third (yes!!! don’t need to think twice…as I say all good things come in 3) target release: 18 May 2007

4. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (fuah…don’t need to say…I’m a fan) target release: 25 May 2007

5. Fantastic Four: Rise of Silver Surfer (fuah…don’t need to say…I’m a fan) target release: 15 June 20074

6. Transformers (really looking forward to this one)    target release: 4 July 2007

7. Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix    target release: 13 July 2007

8. The Simpsons    target release: 27 July 2007

9. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince    target release: somewhere in December

These are just some of the movies that I wanna watch 😛 And also these are just the 1st batch of movies…more to come from me and bet on it that I will review them after the show. So take care and wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas and a 2007 Happy New Year.


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“Eragon” The review according to my Pleasure

Posted by sphyrez on December 17, 2006

Rating : A 6/10 which became a 3/10 movie

Comment : Ultimately I’d just like to say watching at GSC BTS last nite at 9.45pm hall 1 sucks big time was a big mistake. End.

Ok ler…I’ll elaborate a little. What if you were watching the great movie LOTR in cinema with promised superb sound system and all of a sudden the musical score was jumping up and down? It has nothing to do with character dialogues, just the musical score. Remember the scene of battles? What if the musical score was supposed to be like —————— became —–*(&^*&^—-*%^—— get it? It just brought a good movie to its knees.

I was soooo damn beh syiok the whole damn movie! Into the first 20 mins, I was deciding if I wanted to leave the movie but just at that time the excitement overwhelmed me. I said “Damn why does it have to be that the dragon hatches?”. And thus I watched the whole movie bearing a big ass grudge on the musical score. I dont think it was the movie’s fault…I think it was more of the cinema’s fault. You can actually hear most of them complaining the musical score after the movie ended.

This movie actually resembles LOTR a lot ie. the character names, the storyline, another “trilogy”, storyline came from books and “I dont know what else”. The characters are also very raw. The acting is just average for newcomers, not your seasoned actors. But the experienced old-horse Jeremy Irons could have done more or should I say “the books wrote bout him more than the movie did” and THIS is totally expected. I’d understand the director wanting a newcomer cause most of the ppl around this age are all too “geng” ie. Elijah Woods (LOTR), Alex Pettyfer (StormBreaker), Daniel Radcliffe (Mr. Potter)

Sigh. This movie will not get a 2nd chance from me. It was just a little over the average for me.


I really miss the movies I’ve watched in UK. No censorship is the best thing thats happened in cinemas. Well cant say much. 😉

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The Boring Morning and The Better Night

Posted by sphyrez on December 16, 2006

So the Saturday that not many ppl work. The office is empty, not even one person around except my dept colleagues…to clarifty, my floor has 5 depts and one is the cash room which we cant peek inside. So we dont know if anyone is dead inside 😛

Another Premier League action week. With Chelsea playing today and Man Utd tomorrow, Man Utd will be facing the pressure. But reports have said Fergie is not worried as long as they play the way they are playing. True enough. Aiyar, I still hope Chelsea “crash and burn”…just like my Football Manager 2007 game 😛

Tonite I will be watching Eragon, but since the 9pm show is all full and cant be booked online, me and my mates would need to go 45mins early and check for released seatings. Hope to watch it. I know it is so much similar to LOTR such as character names and the roles they play. Moreover this is another trilogy in the making…sigh everything thing comes in 3 nowadays. I’ll put my comments for this movie later on.

Eragon Poster

Havent had enough sleep these days. Been sleeping at 2am and waking up at 7.30am. I know, I know some wake up even earlier. And thus my body doesnt seem right today. Having a little stomach discomfort for the past several hours and no it is not the one telling you to go to the loo. And no I aint having any gastric nor watever that concerns the “stomach”. Hope to get well soon.

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