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The Boring Morning and The Better Night

Posted by sphyrez on December 16, 2006

So the Saturday that not many ppl work. The office is empty, not even one person around except my dept colleagues…to clarifty, my floor has 5 depts and one is the cash room which we cant peek inside. So we dont know if anyone is dead inside 😛

Another Premier League action week. With Chelsea playing today and Man Utd tomorrow, Man Utd will be facing the pressure. But reports have said Fergie is not worried as long as they play the way they are playing. True enough. Aiyar, I still hope Chelsea “crash and burn”…just like my Football Manager 2007 game 😛

Tonite I will be watching Eragon, but since the 9pm show is all full and cant be booked online, me and my mates would need to go 45mins early and check for released seatings. Hope to watch it. I know it is so much similar to LOTR such as character names and the roles they play. Moreover this is another trilogy in the making…sigh everything thing comes in 3 nowadays. I’ll put my comments for this movie later on.

Eragon Poster

Havent had enough sleep these days. Been sleeping at 2am and waking up at 7.30am. I know, I know some wake up even earlier. And thus my body doesnt seem right today. Having a little stomach discomfort for the past several hours and no it is not the one telling you to go to the loo. And no I aint having any gastric nor watever that concerns the “stomach”. Hope to get well soon.


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