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“Eragon” The review according to my Pleasure

Posted by sphyrez on December 17, 2006

Rating : A 6/10 which became a 3/10 movie

Comment : Ultimately I’d just like to say watching at GSC BTS last nite at 9.45pm hall 1 sucks big time was a big mistake. End.

Ok ler…I’ll elaborate a little. What if you were watching the great movie LOTR in cinema with promised superb sound system and all of a sudden the musical score was jumping up and down? It has nothing to do with character dialogues, just the musical score. Remember the scene of battles? What if the musical score was supposed to be like —————— became —–*(&^*&^—-*%^—— get it? It just brought a good movie to its knees.

I was soooo damn beh syiok the whole damn movie! Into the first 20 mins, I was deciding if I wanted to leave the movie but just at that time the excitement overwhelmed me. I said “Damn why does it have to be that the dragon hatches?”. And thus I watched the whole movie bearing a big ass grudge on the musical score. I dont think it was the movie’s fault…I think it was more of the cinema’s fault. You can actually hear most of them complaining the musical score after the movie ended.

This movie actually resembles LOTR a lot ie. the character names, the storyline, another “trilogy”, storyline came from books and “I dont know what else”. The characters are also very raw. The acting is just average for newcomers, not your seasoned actors. But the experienced old-horse Jeremy Irons could have done more or should I say “the books wrote bout him more than the movie did” and THIS is totally expected. I’d understand the director wanting a newcomer cause most of the ppl around this age are all too “geng” ie. Elijah Woods (LOTR), Alex Pettyfer (StormBreaker), Daniel Radcliffe (Mr. Potter)

Sigh. This movie will not get a 2nd chance from me. It was just a little over the average for me.


I really miss the movies I’ve watched in UK. No censorship is the best thing thats happened in cinemas. Well cant say much. 😉


One Response to ““Eragon” The review according to my Pleasure”

  1. yothemans said

    oh yeaaa No censorship

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