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Aftermath of Christmas

Posted by sphyrez on December 26, 2006

So how was everyone’s Christmas?…Good? For me, I didn’t relly get to celebrate as I was on the road back to KL. Christmas Eve was bout the same. I was supposed to have dinner with my old school mates but one of them mixed up the date and it was supposed to be Christmas day itself. Thus I was not able to attend the dinner. Psh….

Anyway returning to work is always hard after a holiday break. Being back in Pg is always good as I can buy a stream of “supplies”. This break I bought 3 movies and a game. One of my fav. games all-time; Heroes of Might & Magic V expansion.

And the movies were Rob-B-Hood, Miami Vice and Da Vinci Code. DVC was for my mum. I had to see Miami Vice as the cars were slick and the actors were hot. I should have watched it in the cinema as I thought it would be better with the surround sound system. Sigh, but in the end I am content with the dvd I have. A preview of what is coming your way next year.

1. Ghost Rider (fuah…don’t need to say…I’m a fan)    target release: 15 Febraury 2007

2. Spider-Man 3 (fuah…don’t need to say…I’m a fan)    target release: 4 May 2007

3. Shrek the Third (yes!!! don’t need to think twice…as I say all good things come in 3) target release: 18 May 2007

4. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (fuah…don’t need to say…I’m a fan) target release: 25 May 2007

5. Fantastic Four: Rise of Silver Surfer (fuah…don’t need to say…I’m a fan) target release: 15 June 20074

6. Transformers (really looking forward to this one)    target release: 4 July 2007

7. Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix    target release: 13 July 2007

8. The Simpsons    target release: 27 July 2007

9. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince    target release: somewhere in December

These are just some of the movies that I wanna watch 😛 And also these are just the 1st batch of movies…more to come from me and bet on it that I will review them after the show. So take care and wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas and a 2007 Happy New Year.


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