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Review of “The Guardian”

Posted by sphyrez on January 17, 2007

Ok…well this movie was actually unplanned for. My colleagues and I wanted to watch A night at the museum, but we could only buy 2nd row tickets which is kinda too near the screen. Therefore we changed movie and The Guardian looks exciting .

The movie started out a little slow, showing the life of Kevin Costner character as a Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer.  Then the show went to master/apprentice mode when Ashton Kutcher came in. There were some pretty good jokes and nothing more. The training school part took up most of the movie and thus not much action besides the little beginning and the unexpected ending. Recommended only for Kevin Costner fans. I’d rate this movie 4.5/10

If you want to relax and have a good laugh, I’d recommend something else which is A Night at the Museum, W H I C H   I  D O N T  G E T  TO  W A T C H !!!!!!!!! Most of the ppl who watched this movie just cant stop laughing!…I wanna laugh too 😛


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