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Getting Sick @ Work

Posted by sphyrez on January 24, 2007

Getting sick is the M O S T irritating thing you can possibly get. Moreover you still need to get to work everyday!!

Well it all started last Saturday when there was a heavy downpour in KL. I left my company and started heading home for dinner. My tiny umbrella couldn’t cover me and I got myself kinda wet. At least my pants and my shoes are drenched. Then on Sunday I started feeling a little dry at my throat. But I was thinking it might be the air-con in my room. On Monday, my throat was so dry I started a little coughing + a little sorethroat.

“FINE”, I said.

I can still handle it. But then Monday night, my body temp began to rise and I suspect a fever might be coming. I quickly took 2 panadol tablets and went to sleep. Luckily I woke up the next day feeling better BUT it has given me stuffy nose. 😦 And for the rest of the day, I have stuff nose which is ALSO SO irritating. Then comes today; still stuffy nose but the cough has subsided.

Yar!! Friday till Sunday is my rest day and I am heading back to Pg. I shall take a good rest and rejuvanate my body 😉 Cause next week I shall be heading to Redbox and an “open house” from da “Big Bro” of my dept. Then comes my movies which is so close I can feel it!!!!….

T H I S I S C O M I N G Y O U R W A Y ! ! ! ! ! ! !


One Response to “Getting Sick @ Work”

  1. yothemans said

    you blog!!!

    cny dim??

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