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Ghost Rider……The Review

Posted by sphyrez on February 16, 2007

Rating 6/10

Why? Because it is pretty straight forward and I didnt think bout it much after the movie. I usually do that when the movie captivates me.

But the movie really brings the story out to you. Besides…you can really look at leng chai at the beginning of the movie. Nicholas Cage is a good cast for The Ghost Rider a.k.a Penunggang Motosikal Hantu 😉 The plot really is the basic of the basic. So we can now expect a sequel soon 🙂 As all superheroes gerne movies nowadays, they all start with their becoming the legendary “something something” from young. You know la…something something happen so then hor they become what they are as depicted in the title of the film. There is no exception for Ghost Rider. And as you would know, a DID is also expected in Marvel movies.

DID => Damsel In Distress

Eva Mendes played the role perfectly as in a DID. However I tend to think that she overwear her clothing most time in the film. Her ()() is kinda obviously big from the way she wore that piece of clothing….Okay I tend to “see more” of a person 😉 Pls dont think I’m something something. Hmm, come to think bout it, she wore only 3 pieces of clothing for her adulthood in the film. I dont think I would deny the fact that sex appeal for the audience is required, would you?

The effects were good. As you know Ghost Rider comes with a burning skull, the fire effect is good looking. In fact it looks like your kitchen stove lit with a huge fire!…well maybe I’m giving a wrong description 😛 I also like the way he says “You’re guilty!” and “Look into my eyes…!”….and most of all “Nice jacket…’ You’ll get me when you see the movie.  The battle scenes look pathetic. You might as well just count 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 VuaLa! the Ghost Rider wins the match. However if you add too much 2 hours wont cover all…am I expecting a lot? You decided!


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