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Mega Review…as always according to MY discretion

Posted by sphyrez on June 27, 2007

So ladies and gents, there you have 2 of the biggest blockbusters of this year. Well some may say that these 2 are the most anticipated blockbusters but kinda “suck” for the actual movie. Honestly, the review from those critics you find on the web say it is bad/good. Amongst my friends, we had a mixture of reviews. Lets get it going…

Rating – 6/10

Plot review: I think it is good. With the development of his character for a “part 3 of a trilogy” it IS GOOD!!…Toby Macguire gave a good performance as your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman. The best part was when he gave in to the symbiont which led him to aggression. That was the funniest part of the whole trilogy, better than when he gave up on becoming Spidey in Spiderman 2. But one thing which I dislike was the introduction of too many new characters. Well it is good that they brought up Venom, Sandman but Gwen Stacy?! What has she gotta do with the plot!? Well besides giving Toby the exact same kiss he had with Kristen in the 1st movie, Gwen had nothing. The ending was pretty ok, but I’d prefer Venom not dying…. If you think that the little symbiont at the professor’s lab is enough to regenerate to a new Venom, you’ve guessed wrong. To see Eddie Brook die is just such a pity. But oh well the real ending is kinda lame with Peter trying to mend his relation with MJ. Expect Spidey 4?…Maybe.

Rating: 7/10

Plot: What else can I say?…Love it to the bits. A fitting finale to the trilogy. BUT damn they took away the Kraken. I really miss the “big guy”. What I liked the most about this 3rd movie is, it is full of twist, betrayal and lies. The whole movie kept you guessing till the very end. From the beginning, the whole crew went to Singapore to retrieve the map that would lead them to Jack. The conversation between Sao Feng and Mr. Turner was a guessing point. Then midway when Jack was on board with Lord Beckett, his actions prompt you thinking “What are his intentions!?” Just before the climatic battle, Eli exchanged Jack for Turner and THAT was a well written plot. Lies and betrayal. Then when it came down to who will pierce the heart of Davy Jones, those moments seemed forever. Is it gonna be Jack? Turner? Eli?… And there you have it, those that have seen the movie knows who pierced the heart. Well if you read any other reviews, you’d know it too. There goes the review…..

Wait!….Does anyone who went to the cinema knows that this movie contained post-credits scene? I didn’t and I missed that scene. Now I would have to wait for the DVD. Sigh.

I started these 2 reviews weeks ago but never got to finish it. So I’ve decided to add a few more movie reviews.


These few movies were unexpected guest for my entry. I watched Shrek before I went back to PG last week. Then while I was back in PG, I managed to catch Ocean’s 13 and F4:Rise of Silver Surfer.

Rating : 4/10

Plot: Well since this trilogy is gonna have (yeah you heard me) MORE SEQUELS…I’ll just let it be. It’s too boring to comment on this although it was a good laugh. If you want ready it on wiki.

For Ocean’s 13 and F4:Rise of the Silver Surfer, I guess it is another time…(cause I haven’t been posting frequently and the last one was ‘who knows when’)


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